Slideshare: Being an excellent but quirky boss means you need to get opinions from the “straight men” on your team

It’s hard for one not to like a show that demonstrates spot on storytelling and character development despite its 30 minute format. It’s hard not to like a show that not only makes you excited about music but inspires you to see connections between art and the realities we live in. This show was just plain fun to watch and it re-affirmed to me the importance of passion and commitment as leadership qualities I admire. Maestro Rodrigo embodied these characteristics, and I spent time examining how and why.

Now that I’ve seen the entire series, I can say that Coppola and Schwartzman really created quite an admirable work in this series. Last week I suggested that Rodrigo had all the fine qualities of a kick-ass boss. This week I was able to complete my profile on the character of Maestro Rodrigo as a leader.

Though it’s important to note, with all creative, eccentric, and big-picture people like Rodrigo, sometimes what’s missing are the details on how to get the work done, and sometimes the vision needs a little hammering out to get the details going. Also they can be a little impractical with their asks. This is where it’s important to have that ‘straight man’ voice on the team, who can act as the Jiminy Cricket or voice of reason when needed. The power of this voice only works if the leader demonstrates the willingness to listen and reaches out for second or more opinions when his hunches tell him he needs to.

If leaders like Rodrigo can get the more methodical & detail-oriented people on his team to weather the stormy moments in the journey, and if they can convince them that their part in the end goal is worth it, the team wins in the long run.

Please note the SlideShare below has SPOILERS, so if you intend to watch the show without any hints, you may want to avoid the entire SlideShare and instead just look at the updated 10 reasons slide at the bottom.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.27.36 PM

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