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5 Ways to Improve Bad eLearning (via eLearning Weekly)

This option for layering content will possible work for some of the projects I’m working on. Also I agree wholeheartedly with avoiding “Scope Creep” and reducing content instead of putting too much content in such a limited space or in a format that is not favorable for lengthy reading. I wonder sometimes if the impulse to do this comes from hardcoded behaviors and understanding of the ‘print world.’ Sometimes folks find it difficult to transfer from print media to online.

5 Ways to Improve Bad eLearning Experience tells me that elearning people do not have a lot of time to go back to the vault of existing training and revise it. New projects dripping with deadlines take priority. Still, it’s not easy knowing that the older elearning is out there and that new hires will be required to take those courses–or worse: that whole teams or the entire company will retake one of those old modules every year. It might be more embarrassing if you actually … Read More

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