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Geeking out in Alicante

Beach walk at Alicante

What a gorgeous place… beautiful and the people here are wonderful-wonderful.

Esplanade at Alicante


Went to see a band (Game Boy Rock, if that’s an actual genre) called “Pepino.” At the “Soda Bar.”

Check them out….

Eric gets his picture taken with Pepino!

Pepino and Eric

Nosh on Kebab After the Show


Image Therapy Musings: Tekkonkinkreet and our ability to laugh

I drove by the Movie theater on 21st and saw that they were playing Tekkonkinkreet. I posted something on this earlier this month, and I have to say, I think this was probably one of my favorite movies out this Summer. The images were just visually stunning. There was a good deal of violence, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a kid flick for very young children. The play on light vs. dark was actually a little refreshing. It’s nice to be reminded that you can’t have one without the other and that light and darkness as concepts, moods, states of mind depend on each other. You cannot always live in one vs. the other.

The backgrounds, colors and details reminded me of the packaging from items from the Chinese Grocery store we used to frequent when I was a very young child. I think it was one of the few or only Asian grocery stores in town at the time… I think I just dated myself. I always felt really comfortable in there despite the fact that it seemed dark and confusing.


I was able to see the Simpsons movie as well. Despite the fact that I did feel like I was in the theater watching an extended episode or a string of episodes on a DVD, I did enjoy it. Who can pass up on the superb humor of the Simpson’s writing cadre? It was a nice way to end the work week: with laughter. I know it’s easy for us as a species to get all hung up on our ability to build magnificent cities, engineer impossible buildings or create works of art, but I think the ability to laugh and appreciate the comedic truly sets us apart from any other creature in the planet.

Why are we geared to laugh? Does it provide the same kind of physical release or satisfy an appetite like eating or sex? I’ve always felt that laughter is like exercising the heart. If you loose your ability to do this there’s a life or spirit in a person that may loose it’s radiance and ability to cope with all the darkness in this world. Look at all the cultures and social groups in our past (and even present) which really seemed to have a hard time with lightening up.  Can you imagine what life was for the Calvinists.  It’s kind of hard to find humor in things when you live under the guidance of the notion that you’re either doomed or you’re not (though most people are doomed*) or that human beings by nature are depraved and fallen creatures. You know if I was born a 16 or 17th century Calvinist I’d emmigrate from Switzerland  to Holland right away… either that or work hard and look forward to death because it would probably be a cake-walk compared to the hell on earth that they built. They’re always painted and drawn in art as if their tidies are in bunches.

*If that were the case and people were all doomed… I’d break out the pack of Gitanes and open a bottle of Pernod and say… “What the hey.”

Some related things:

Sometimes you just need a little positivism

I thought this video clip was appropriate for my mood today. Plus it’s Peggy Lee… one of my all time favorite artists.


Here’s the entire playlist. I love how Youtube can basically capture your frame of mind via music and visuals.

This is so cool!

I love robots. I always have.

Platform Animation Festival – Cartoon Windows

A building with cartoons playing in the windows. I thought I died and went to heaven! Portland’s Pearl District was just swathed in electronic and animated goodness.

Check out the short interview with Rose Bond the animator who created one of the installation featured at the Festival:


Gritty brilliance


Last night we went to see an American early release of Tekkonkinkreet.

It was a truly amazing experience, the colors and textures. I came out of the film feeling as if my eyes and spirit were exhausted from the stimuli. If you can get past the good old good/evil theme running through the plot, the story was not that bad as well. Still, somehow I cannot wait to see this film again.


Tales of the Heike – I-Search

Years ago, when I was teaching we used a technique called I- Search. Applied to a unit in literature, students were allowed to choose a book or story which they liked and do a sort of free-form investigation on topics or subject matter related to the book. The idea was really to get them into self-directed learning and investigation. One of the course’s I’m designing now talks about the I-Search method. I have often used a similar way of learning through inquiry to learn on my own. I believe that most people who learn on the Internet use this not-so stream-of-consciousness method to search out and find information. I’m going to include a rough I-search here in this post.


I became entranced with the story of the Heike the first time I saw the rendition from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos when I was a child.


Years later I fell in love with it again through the story “Hoichi the Earless” from the Japanese classic Kwaidan. I’m not sure why I was fascinated with the tale as a child, maybe because it’s a typical tragedy that one becomes obsessed with because we understand that life has sadness in it. Sometimes when we marvel at the major loss of others told in myths and epics… our own troubles seem pitiful in comparison. We go on with our lives, we appreciate how life does go on.


I found some beautiful artwork in a search on the Heike:

yoshitune.jpg heike_shirabyoshi.jpg heike-monogatari2.jpg heike_gio_02a.jpg


Shamisen – A japanese three-stringed instrument. I love Japanese music. It’s interesting to see how the traditional artform has evolved and is being merged with contemporary music forms.





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