#dl09- Eric Zimmerman & Games

Eric Zimmerman – speaker at 11/12 Keynote address.


Checked with our library about getting his book. “Rules of Play.” I think that this book will be helpful in designing the User Persona “Choose Your Own Adventure” activities, and more.
Game design (this guy is some what abstract in his thinking and perhaps in in presentation style) but he seems to tie all the information together somehow. See the mindmap detail.

Big picture thinking: how can we create a game/participatory culture to foster informal (and formal) learning online and offline?

Also I think working with the team to brainstorm different applications to our work.

Also, I think it’s important NOT to label somethings as ‘games’ because some people (management) might dismiss their value and usefulness if you use this tag.  Sad, but it’s still true.

Got me thinking about possible games. I wish I could allow others to contribute to this mindmap online.

1 Response to “#dl09- Eric Zimmerman & Games”

  1. 1 April Hayman November 24, 2009 at 5:12 am

    Hi Natalie,
    Try Mindmeister (http://www.mindmeister.com/). I wouldn’t mind adding to a public mindmap about games!

    And I think your comment about games not being titled “games” is true. If you call it a learning activity, it doesn’t have the same panache and may turn off the younger workers while games turns off the older management. Even the term “serious games” is nearly an oxymoron (I said nearly!).

    So, while we continue to develop interactions for learners, we still need to come up with a good term that doesn’t turn everyone off. I’d suggest something clever but I’m tapped for creativity for the moment. 🙂


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