This guy is my hero right now

I first learned of Patrick Awuah via the TED talks.

Here is Patrick Awuah’s talk at TED: /patrick_awuah_on_educating_leaders.html

The man left a prestigious corporate job to found a university in his home country of Ghana. And it wasn’t just any university where you had a major and a minor or a major and two minors… it’s a Liberal Arts college aimed at developing good leaders.  I often joke with friends that Liberal Arts colleges are like dinosaurs that we really need right now. You hardly see them any more, but we are, in my opinion, in dire need of them.

I will not argue that a liberal arts education is necessary or applicable for everyone, but somehow we may have a great many people (depending on who to talk to) who are technically educated or understand their fields, but we don’t have a lot of people who can really ‘think’ strategically and creatively. Good liberal arts ed when executed properly helps young people make connections with what they learn, and it develops people who are skilled at analyzing life and it’s events and experiences and connecting them with literature, philosophy and the past.

I’ve suspected that the death of Liberal Arts in this country came when we decided that it was more important to rely on higher education to get specialized and technical training for a specific careers.  That pesky major in “communication” is a good example of this. While I see it’s important to learn what you’re going to apply in a job, isn’t it also important to learn why or even ask why you’re learning it? Perhaps we wouldn’t be facing some of the economic or political problems today if we had more people asking “why” questions, specifically, “Why are we doing that?” Or even better, “Is that right?”

I think you need people who are educated via liberal arts and technical education, to execute successful endeavors in many fields.

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