My cat deleted the file… honest.

It’s not unusual for me to leave my desk and computer for a moment or to and come back to find several applications running that I didn’t start myself. Sometimes the text narrator is on.  Sometimes chunks of text are deleted from documents I’m working on. Sometimes, as my virtual co-workers can attest… strange cryptic messages are typed and sent in an open instant message window.

Once, I came back to my desk and found a search for the letter “O” typed in google, and the Oprah website open in another tab.

My cat logically has an affinity toward my laptop because it’s warm… but still…

Was my cat trying to tell me something?

It’s been awhile since I’ve lived with a cat, let alone share my workspace with one. I really need to get used to living and working with a cat. Who knows… if I don’t, I may find myself missing important files right before a deadline 🙂

Ms. Ciprilla hanging out in Erics DJ bag

Ms. Ciprilla hanging out in Eric's DJ bag


1 Response to “My cat deleted the file… honest.”

  1. 1 jltitus January 9, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Ms. Ciprilla is such a cutie and so sweet. I used to have the same problem but now I when I walk away from the computer I put the laptop screen down but they still sit on it because it’s warm.

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