I’ve got X-mas in the wash… it’s soap, baby!

I hate the fuss over Christmas.  I like giving gifts, but I don’t like the drama or hassle that comes tied in guilt and knots when it comes to holiday giving.  My solution= find a place on the internet that I’ve visited this year either on the internet or in ‘real life.’ More, I have to have absolutely loved the products I found there. Funny, everywhere I go now, if I like a store or business I always ask stores if they have a website, and if I can purchase their products online. It’s a really good way for businesses to keep tourist dollars coming even after the tourists have gone home.

marinelife.jpgWhen we were in Madison, WI this summer we went to visit the Soap Opera. I fell in love with their homemade glycerin soaps (Primal Elements Handcut Soaps). I even brought home a Pirate Soap (decorated with “Skull and Bones”) for my husband… he refuses to use it because it’s so cool looking.  I don’t mind because it actually has the most lovely scent of vanilla and marshmallows. The soaps come in such beautiful and curious designs that it’s hard to resist. I was given a sample of the “Dragonfly” soap… and after I tried it I regretted not purchasing a slice. I actually love this glycerin soap in general because it’s super mild and the essential oil blends they use on the soaps aren’t super intrusive or garish.

Also, I enjoyed reading the story of one of the owners of the shop: “How I Got from Art Major to Business Owner.”  I think it’s a wonderful story of one person’s journey through life trying to balance work and business with what one loves to do… especially if that means making ‘things.’ I believe that the booming business of crafts and handmade products is no coincidence considering the fact that we live in a growing world of virtual concepts through technology.

dragonfly.jpg skull.jpgflowrshp.jpgchocmose.jpg

Oh, oh, oh….I also found the retailer of these soaps made to imitate natural gemstones.  At the Soap Opera, I purchased the Red Jasper soapstone for my mother as a gift. But it looks like you can get the soaps here at a discounted price. Well, my Christmas Shopping is done! And I didn’t even have to push through crowds at a mall.
blackopal.jpg jasper.jpg


6 Responses to “I’ve got X-mas in the wash… it’s soap, baby!”

  1. 1 cycas November 27, 2007 at 12:56 pm

    Smart idea

    I think of doing much the same here, but more the candle making aspect with scented candles as the main thing.

  2. 2 madamlux November 28, 2007 at 7:25 am

    I loved the tip for holiday shopping. I took a look at the Soap Opera site. I especially like the rubber ducky adorable soap. I’m thinking of getting these for my friend’s baby shower.

  3. 3 naturalelegance November 28, 2007 at 5:37 pm

    The Soap Opera was fun. All their products are on the web too, so you can reorder if you need to. I make a lot of my own bath and body items and am now getting into perfumes. But what I can’t make myself I usually go to some of the following places:

    There’s another one, PattiFlynn, on Etsy.com but she’s swamped right now with orders. Her soaps are the most beautiful and luxurious you’ll ever find. *sigh* Too bad she lives in Australia and the shipping costs so much.

    Did you ever use all the b&b stuff I gave you in August?

  4. 4 nkilkenny November 28, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    Thanks for the links, April. I actually ordered some Pikaki perfume oil. I did use the stuff you gave me… I’m actually hoarding it because I love it so much! I open the jar to enjoy the scents and it’s a real pick me up. For me at least. The sugar scrub is awesome!

  5. 5 Christy Tucker November 28, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    April–The lotion you gave me is probably two-thirds gone now. I keep it by my desk and use it on my hands, which are always dry. I have some other lotion there too, so that’s helping me make yours last a little longer. Like Natalie said, I just open the jar and smell it sometimes for a pick me up. It’s so yummy smelling!

  6. 6 naturalelegance November 29, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    Okay…so I know what to send you two for the holidays! 🙂

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