I’ve been tagged for the Random Facts about Me Meme by Christy. Thank you Christy from distracting me from work which was giving me a headache.  I understand if people don’t have the time to post, in any case I still get to share some of the neat blogs I link and connect to on a regular basis.

First, the Rules:

1) Post these rules before you give your facts

2) List 8 random facts about yourself

3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them

4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged

And here’s the random facts about me:

1.) I don’t know if I know 8 people I can tag (I’m somewhat of a loner). Does this qualify as two facts? If you’re reading this blog and want to volunteer to be one of the remaining blanks I’ve put below. Please comment here. Watch, no one will leave a comment…. I’ll settle for folks who have already posted their 8 random facts.

2.) I tried my shot at Stand-up Comedy about four years ago. The only laughs I got were at the self-depreciating comments I made about my dating-life. Thank goodness I’m married now.

3.) I don’t like eating the yolks of eggs (fried, poached or hard-boiled).

4.) My favorite flower is pikake (known in the Philippines as sampagita). I had a lei of pikake made for me for my wedding. I’ll post a picture of me in my flowery regalia once I find it.

5.) Over the past year, I’ve learned to cook and bake using a gluten-free diet. Being gluten free in America is like being told that you are allergic to drinking water.

6.) I hate the color grey on anything but a nice tweed or cable wool sweater.

7.) I took Italian for almost four years in college. I once thought of studying romance languages and the literature of these languages. I haven’t practiced though I’m still adept at asking for and understanding street directions in Italian.

8.) I still love playing with Lego. I found this great site on building virtual Lego kits.

People I’ve tagged

  1. Jona Learning Nuggets. (Jona has done some exciting work with wikis in a business environment. She’s a good friend and I do appreciate having had the opportunity to work professionally with such a dynamic and passionate thinker.)
  2. Josh Tiny Screenfuls ( Josh is one of the first people to introduce me to the concept of applying Web 2.0 tech to learning and work. I have to say, my life is only richer with what I’ve learned so far.)
  3. Rory Learn-Learn Learn – (I can’t stop reading Rory’s blog. He’s got a passion of learning and using the web to explore that’s more than just contagious. Plus, he regularly links to fun widgets like the Mii (for the Wii) maker and the Simpsonize Me gadget.)
  4. HazaMr. Haza Does the Blogs – (Haza’s blog has great musings about elearning, books, instructional design and life in Malaysia. The man reads more books in one month than I think I read in my first year of undergraduate. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Haza in the past. His fascination with new technologies in instructional design, on organizational development, as well as his diverse mp3 and movie collection have provided us with lots to talk and laugh about every time we got to meet for business face to faces. )
  5. Rupa Writer’s Gateway (Rupa always posts excellent information and resources on e-learning and instructional design. I’ve enjoyed her recent posts on designing learning materials for the “Gamer Generation.”)
  6. Ronnie Ann -aka. The Work Coach (Ronnie Ann writes about dealing with life in a work environment. She covers those work topics that irrate you at work like a bad polyester tag on an uncomfortable sweater. She also does a great deal of musing on how to make your ‘ideal’ job happen).
  7. KatyThe Whackum Square (Katy has a sense of humor that’s great in writing but even more stellar in person. She not your average Cubicle Chick, maybe that’s why I like her).
  8. Alvin The Thinker blog. (Found Alvin through The Work Coach blog. I love reading his blog because he always provides a lucid account of what he sees and observes about existing in the post-modern… modern (or whatever) work place).

Okay… so I lied there are eight. Oh dear, I sort of feel bad about doing this… if you’ve done this exercise before please feel free to link back in the comments to your original post.


2 Responses to “Tag-a-Meme”

  1. 2 Christy Tucker August 6, 2007 at 3:03 am

    Hey, glad I was able to distract you before I left for my vacation.

    I saw this article about gluten-free cooking in a newsletter I get and thought of you. I’m sure you already know a lot of this information, but maybe there will be some new ideas.

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