Remember Name of the Rose (the film)?

Spoiler warning… I am going to talk about the end of the movie here. Not at that it matters since it’s been out for years. Also, I’m going to wax polemic here as an after thought to the post this morning on restricting internet radio/and sharing via the net. So I’m giving you fair warning to avoid this post if you don’t want to hear my fuming.

Sean Connery plays the monk, Brother William of Baskerville. He’s tasked to solve the mystery of certain murders at a monastary. He discovers that the murderer was motivated to commit his crimes because he wanted to supress a certain work by Aristotle on comedy. His logic: it is not godly to laugh because in laughing one day you might laugh at God.

This type of black and white logic that powers dogmatism really gets my goat. But you know we can’t seem to escape it as human beings as long as there are people out there who fear change and as long as there are dominant powers that insist upon their views being the primary ones. In corporate speak this means that the most dominant companies rule over the free-market economy (but at this point it really isn’t free any more is it?).


I can’t help but think the image of the decrepit and evil old devil from the film spewing vile poison from his mouth when I think of corporations, lobbyists, politicians who seek to hinder any form of sharing and communication on the net (either purposely or inadvertently). I know the proponents of regulation would most likely wail about copyrights and intellectual property laws being breached by the sharing and distribution of things via the net. However, there must be some way to achieve the balance between protecting intellectual property and fostering the public domain of knowledge and content so that everyone can learn, grow and develop from it.

Let’s think about who has the most to gain from restriction of information via the net: corporations and mega-media suppliers which shell out warehouse after warehouse of crappy, unimaginative, and market driven content and products. Think about it. Who has the most to loose from the restriction of information on the internet: You.



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