Give your employees time and tools to grow

I think I may have written about this in the past, but the forward-moving companies usually give their employees actual time to think, learn and innovate. And this time isn’t just some imaginary time-allowance that gets built into the employees’ unpaid overtime, it’s actually built into their schedule. Don’t get me wrong – this time cannot impede upon their productivity, but SMART leaders and managers know that in order to be truly solutions oriented and innovative their workers need time and tools to develop and learn. Now for those learners who are not as self-directed… curriculum and more directed development plans may be necessary.

Some tools I’ve found really helpful in the past and present are:

Skillsoft Books 24×7

One of the best resources of online books ever. For the self-directed learner this is a virtual treasure trove. The have series for business, IT (Tech) professionals and more. You can learn just about everything from Ajax to Senger. Unfortunately you’re company or organization has to pay for the subscriptions. But even if you paid the $459.00 out of your own pocket it’s virtually being able to take almost any book out of Powells, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon when ever you want and you don’t have to waste any trees in the process. More… other people in your organization in all parts of the world or country and view and learn from the same book as well. Imagine the learning power. True, for those people who like to print out things and read them they are S.O.L, but to learn and grow more you sometimes need to make adjustments to your learning style.

At $25.00 a month for a subscription to a huge library of online tutorials complete with demonstration/simulations. You have to pay a larger premium subscription rate to have access to the development files for say a Flash course. But being cheap I usually create the development files myself, plus it gives me a great opportunity to reinforce what I learn by practicing. More, I tend to take an active approach to practicing what I learn after each tutorial segment by creating my own version of the lesson output using my own images and text. If I dont’ have time to create text I look for things that are in the public domain like (Project Gutenberg). Right now I’m using the Action Scripting 2.0 tutorials.


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