Interaction Designer? Sounds like a Fun Job

So you want to be an interaction designer.

I thought this was a great article on what interaction design is and the philosophy and approach to good interaction design.  If we think about it web technology is really in it’s infancy or perhaps maybe it’s toddlerhood.  We’re still really in the beginnning of developing a science around interaction on the web. Who knows by the next half generation we may be using internet tech that differs from the media and forms we use today. Some how my gut tells me that it’s best to leave your options somewhat open when it comes to technology. The best place to start in designing tools is with the people, their tasks, their needs, their culture and behavior. More, it’s good to be somewhat open about how to best suit their needs, and give them as many options as possible.

The interaction designer who focuses on developing web-based environments for large populations has their work cut out for them. Developing a way to standardize organization of content and how to retrieve this content from the structure is probably one of the biggest hair-pulling task anyone must face.

I read from Chris Hoskin’s blog that some UX (User Experience) folks are aiming at developing interactions and User interfaces that help the different MBTI types.  This may make some system analysts and developers heads spin to think of so many different possibility for design, but that’s the point, you should be designing your tools for a wider range of user types.  Perhaps starting with Kolb’s 4 learning styles ( Concrete Experiencer, Active Experimenter, Reflective Observer, and Abstract Conceptualizer) might be an easier goal to shoot for for starters.



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