The Best Chocolate in the World!!

I went to The Meadow to get a birthday gift for my mother-in-law.  A lovely starter set of finishing salts and some salt spoons.  This is a lovely store that specializes in finishing salts, fine chocolates, wines and flower. Quite charming. 

I’ve developed a taste for chocolates with salt.  There’s some sort of balance in harmony with the sweetness and richness of the chocolate accented by the saltiness of the sea salt. I overheard the store clerk talking about an Italian chocolate with salt and became instantly intrigued. Okay $6.00 is a lot to pay for a bit of chocolate, even an amount of chocolate that’s about the equivalent weight of about 1 1/2 Reeses Peanut butter cups.  But Holy _ _ _ _! I have never tasted anything so incredibly good.  I never understood how so many people were into chocolate or even compared the eating of chocolate to sex(I’m more of a almond and cinnamon fan myself) until I had this chocolate.

At this price though, this will most likely have to be a reward for a hard week’s work :). It’s far better than a margarita or a martini and at the same cost.

Tasty Nuggets:

Il Cioccolato de Bruco details


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