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Personality Matching for applications

SAP is…

MS Sharepoint (Many MS products) if the “Trust me Guy” and “Anal Retentive Guy” had a love child it would probably resemble someone in the Microsoft family…



Images are from Creating Passionate Users


Mass Collaboration?

A great post on the possibilities of large-scale collaboration within companies.  This makes sense as you have the best source of intellectual capital from the inside of the company. But if you have the following behaviors and problems in your company, you’re in a world of suck:

  • People are rewarded only for owning ideas and making them happen rather than sharing them – little or no TRUST exists to encourage sharing
  • People and leadership are focused only on the ‘bottom line’
  • Military-type culture and structure prevents breaking ‘chain of command’ when it comes to sharing and collaborating
  • Procedure and process oriented culture discourages applying or investigating unorthodox and unproven methods
  • Management only wants to focus on collaboration of things which it feels provides a ROI – return on investment
  • People have a not invented here attitude which prevents them from opening collaborating and sharing (sometimes it promotes open stealing of ideas and concepts and claiming them as their own)

In large companies that have a set structure and culture (and traditional leadership culture) the new way of collaborating wont fly. Also they’ll probably jump on the band-wagon with trying it only after it’s been proven or the lead exec reads it in an airline magazine and gets a bug in his rear about applying it.

Peanut Gallery Ranting: Art in Academics

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I’ve been taking a hiatus.

I like connections. I like connecting ideas or finding connections. Someone mentioned to me yesterday the idea of teaching about art in other academic disciplines, and now I have a bee in my bonnet about the whole concept.  I started mindmapping some thoughts. The mind-map isn’t comprehensive, it’s just a start at an attempt to show how the relationship and connections the arts have to other academic disciplines and explore the topics that could be covered in a course about the subject.

Click the image to view the larger map

Something bothers me (no, aggravates me) about how art, literature and music are received in our ‘practical’ western world.  Perhaps it’s the notion that such disciplines associated with the arts are easily removed or omitted from the curriculum because they have no ‘practical’ purpose or application (in business or the real world).   I should stop here with this line of thought before I become emotional about it.

Art and music are embedded in the sciences and mathematics in patterns and simple to complex structures.  We design we interpret and often imitate natural aesthetics and imagery in the design of objects. Do you remember that little film they used to show us in school called Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land (I actually own  a VCR copy of the this)? Literature opens windows and doors into how we think and act as a species.   How can we interpret how to use the other discipines effectively and be the truly flexible or creative beings that we are without developing a keen understanding, appreciation, and mastery of at least one or two areas of the arts! But some bureaucrats, business men and politicians can be proper dunces about the subject – 1 dimensional.




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