Cup of Coffee and the Morning Wii


I’ve developed this habit lately of drinking my coffee and surfing the news on the Wii.  I do wonder how the news is getting sorted into my player, but it’s nice – just like reading the morning paper (Yes, I’m old enough to remember what a real newspaper is like and how people actually read it at breakfast time in the morning)

Yesterday I brought the Wii in for lunch-time fun.  Those legendary stories of people becoming instant Wii fans aren’t really legends. People really like the Wii, and it has those ‘charmingly’ user-friendly qualities that just make it even more attractive. Plus it makes you exercise and brings joy and stress-relief.

One co-worker immediately went to purchase a Wii after we finished playing at lunch.

Imagine that …. now that’s truly a “Kick-Ass” product.

Wii Nuggets:


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