SCORM basics

SCORM – Shareable Content Object Reference Model

What is it? (Wikipedia definition)A collection of standards and specification for web-based e-learning. Defines communications between client side content and a host system called the run-time environment (from Learning Management System or LMS)

Why do I care?– Right now we’re developing course content for a project/program based on a business process mapped around departmental task goals.  My team and I are looking into developing our content in distict modules that can be packaged as RLO’s or Reusable Learning Objectives.  Right now we don’t have a working LMS that can handle packaged RLO’s. Eventually, this system will be up and running. To be proactive, I would like to make sure my contents is packaged and labeled according to SCORM compliance standards.

What am I (are we) doing next? Reviewing the SCORM/Dublin Core presentations that were sent to me months ago as well as materials and links on the ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) site. Working with my team to determine if we can truly package and label our content with SCORM in consideration.  For each of our modules we’re keeping what we call a TR (Training Requirement) document or a training content document, which includes training content information, step-action tables for any transactions which we will be developing learning simulations around.  I’m thinking that we can also apply metadatainformation about each of these TR Modules as well.  A strategic group within our organization has started to build a standard list for metadata tags.  It might be some additional work up front, however, it may save us a good deal of work when we eventually have to shift our content to the RLO model in the new Learning Management System (LMS).


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