Favorite Podcasts

I’m really pleased with my iPod purchase from earlier last year.  I confess, I actually don’t use it so much to keep my music. I use it more as a learning and entertainment tool.  I’m rather protective of my podspace.  Also, I don’t have all day to wait for the darn thing to update. This morning I spent some serious time cleaning out my podcast aggregator feeds.

I’ve actually created two categories for my podcasts

  1. Watch or listen to them now– Stuff for entertainment, better to listen to them right away and then remove them from the podcatcher rather than load them into the ipod.  Also, I’d rather scan through the video podcasts from my desktop or laptop first than just upload them to the ipod. They take up too much space. Also, obviously, you can’t multitask when you’re watching video on the ipod.  I could see the video feature being somewhat attractive if I had a daily commute that was about 1 hour long.  Though, honestly, I still see potential in the video pod format for learning and communication by sending animated presentations via video podcast. 
  2. Save for later – Generally I listen to these while I’m doing household tasks or walking the dog, etc.  Almost as great as books on tape.

Save for later podcasts

  • Nova –  Science Now  (Podcast Link) – Science nuggets for all to enjoy
  • Killer Innovations– Phil McKinney’s podcast with good coaching and methods on building innovative teams and work environments.  He’s entertaining and refreshing to listen to on top of that
  • Smart City with Carol Colletta  (Podcast Link) – Interesting stories and features on urban development. On of the more noteble ones was on “The Potential of Creative Industries” (8/31/2006)
  • The Works with John Moe – This is one of my favorites, started listening to it when I first got my iPod and found that it has the staying power to stay in my pod queue. Features on business, tech, and entrepeneurs from the Seattle area, but it was the first place I actually learned and heard about “The Long Tail” and it’s implications for marketing and selling from the web.
  • HBR -Ideacast – Reviews some of the featured articles from Harvard Business Review.  Nice, if you can’t afford the subscription.
  • KCRW’s Martinishot (with Rob Long) – I don’t work in Hollywood, thank, God!, but Rob long humorously reminds me why

Watch or listen to right away

  • Podcast Salad– good place to start learning about interesting or featured podcasts
  • The 10– podcast from Microsoft. Good sharing on techtrends and tech events
  • NPR’s Pop Culture – entertaining pop culture stories including more recently a real interview with Sacha Baron Cohen.

2 Responses to “Favorite Podcasts”

  1. 1 jltitus January 15, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    You know, it’s too funny. I went through my podcasts and did the same thing. I just had too many to listen to or watch and the guilt of not “staying on top of it” was too much! Try fitpod too. Great music to listen to on the treadmill.

  2. 2 nkilkenny January 15, 2007 at 5:31 pm

    That sounds cool. Fitpod.

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