It’s good to have friends

I’ve been working on some projects where there’s a lot of politics and some power games in play.  I’m not the type of person who thrives from this and I find it incredibly energy-draining.  I’m finding that Social Networking is good for the soul and spirit.  At least in meeting with and talking to like-minds you can feel supported and energized by knowing that you may not be alone. I was able to set up a brief meeting with a person I’d met from a community of practice forum on eLearning development.  I struck up a conversation with her online because she seemed to express a passion for hearing the voice and needs of “End Users” when designing tools or processes.  Maybe too, I was also drawn to her because as she shared her findings with us in the forum she held a tone of passion and conviction in her voice.

Maybe it’s me, but I’m just drawn to these kind of people at work, especially the ones who seem sincere in their passion. So I’m adding to my development plan or list of work resultions… the goal to meet at least two-three new people per quarter (who share my interests or have interests that may link to mine) and include them in my social network. More than that, I’d like to make sure I touch base with each of these people either formally or informally at least once a quarter.



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