Confessions of a closeted corporate black sheep

I’m going to take a risk here, and be a little honest.  I read somewhere recently that people who participate in on-line communities like blogs tend to believe that it’s okay to share sensitive information (I was assuming at the time, that the article was referring to sensitive information about oneself).

Maybe it’s me, but I’ve been feeling lately that I don’t want to have just a job.  If you work at a job just because you want a paycheck, that’s great. But strangely, I want something more than that.  I walk around at work reallly feeling like an oddball sometimes.  I’m not so ‘process-oriented’ and if I seem that way it’s only because I’ve learned to be to survive in the corporate environment.   I’m not afraid to share content and ideas with others or connect with people outside of my own organization.  I don’t feel comfortable doing things ‘they way they’ve always been done.’  I don’t feel bad about being critical of management initiatives, as long as I do it constructively and tactfully.  I feel like I don’t belong because of even more reasons, but I suddenly realize that I’m okay with that.  My differences and inability to fit in might actually work to my advantage.

It’s taken me eons and a great deal of self-reflection to admit that.

Characteristics of people who participate in online communities:….html


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