Something fun: knitting geometry

I’m an incurable knitter.  I’m pretty much hooked on lacework and have a number of books on lacework patterns. I’ll just knit swatches of things just to learn how to make a texture or pattern.  Sometimes I just like to sift through the books and read the symbols on graph paper to interpret not just the image of the pattern, but imagine the sequencing of the stitches, loops, knots.  I had a pattern book out, and a friend of ours noted… that it reminded him of the work he does (he’s a programmer).

I ran across this link from Boing Boing the other day on Crafty Geometry or an article on how mathmeticians are crafting visualizations of their work and theories. My favorite example is that of hyperbolic space.  Though I don’t think I’ll be knitting a business process workflow or a gantt anytime soon.

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