Something fun/image therapy session#3

Check this out. It’s an interactive animation

All done in Flash and most likely executed with a great deal of programming to achieve the physical effects of tossing and manipulating objects. Also, I tried yanking the little puppet-like people by different body parts (head, arm leg, torso) and the puppet acts accordingly. Amazing, huh?

Though far less intricate and detailed, the cutouts remind me of a great short animation I saw recently. Very macabre, but fascinating, nevertheless: The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello.  Cutouts have always drawn me.  It’s as if the shadows actually replace the objects that cast them. Though more importantly with cutouts you can focus on the beauty of the objects as a whole and not be distracted by petty details like shading of colors or maybe a tiny scratch or discoloration.  You can see a snapshot of body in action, perhaps you can read emotion from their stance but you focus on the over-all idea of what the person is doing.

I remember watching a documentary on PBS which featured an artist who did great roomfuls of shadow/cutout art.   I tried to do a google search on her and eventually I did find her (Kara E. Walker’s Song of the South:, but I also found a wonderful tour of other artists works’.  This tour or wandering through my internet gallery walk powered by search engines, made me a little homesick for New York and Chicago and the art museums.  Though arguably,  art and artists exist almost everywhere.

I know that people often cannot solidly define the value of art, but for me what has drawn me to the works of artists which I admire is their ability to define and interpret views, thoughts, feelings, exsistence.   Me as a beholder of art, my job is to react to what I see.  

More on Kara Walker

The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello


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