Image therapy: Session 2 – “spider”

Again… for me it’s probably a good idea to wrap up the end of a long week with another neat visual. 


Click this image to see a bigger view

Morguefile link and credits.

Something about this sculpture really drew me. I’d love to find this place in Japan and view it live. That’s the thing about sculpture on this scale: it invades your space, and even defines it.  But this image/the sculpture has that sort of melting and Daliesque feel of a dream.  In me it inspires both awe and a disturbing feeling because it’s strange to see things with dream-like qualities in the live or material world.

I both rever and fear spiders. I appreciate them because they help keep down the buggy populace that is both an unpleasant and unhealthy menace to us all, but I still fear them or even find them repulsive because they have far too many eyes and legs than I’m accustomed to.  Spiders, dreams, fears of the unknown are things that constantly plague us, but at the same time they might fascinate us. Even though I might find six eyes on a creature a little offsetting, I still can’t help but stare.  I might find a dream disturbing but the fact that it reached down that far into me and affected me might make me think or revisit it even after I awake.  I might be frightened of trying something new or exploring an unknown process or tool, but the thought of trying something new and drives me to experiment.


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