How will 2.0 affect ADDIE, ISD?

In reference to my earlier question about the Future of Training, I’ve been digging on the web for other discussions.

Training development as it stands to day is very cycle/process oriented.   However, I still suspect that we shouldn’t completely jump on the Content Democratization Bandwagon immediately.  We should be investigating how to do the following:

  • Introduce sound and sustainable methods of using Web 2.0 for content creation and collaboration.
  • Set up and model good rules and practices for posting content.
  • Find ways of helping folks manage all the content they will be creating in these new democratized collaboration platforms.
  • Figure out how to make sure that they can always have easy access and find what they are looking for.
  • Determine if there should be formalized training content and apply training to the correct areas.

There are a lot of posts and discussions about the future of the training model of the past in view of Web 2.0 tech and the traditional model for training development (using ADDIEISD theory, etc.)  Learning Circuits (ASTD elearning resource) has a wonderful Big Question of the Month discussion board which asks:  Are our models (ISD, ADDIE, HPT, etc.) relevant in the future?

I found some excellent discussion and posts from learning professionals on the topic. Check it out.

Most notably, Harold Jarche (one of my favorite blogs) noted that ADDIE and ISD tend to apply better to content which is stable.  Then in makes sense, if you consider the Nonaka and Takeushi model for knowledge conversion, that ADDIE/ISD are not dead they’re just pushed to a different part of the learning development cycle and should focus on developing content only for topics which merit formalization.


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