Wikis as a learning supplement

I’m excited.  Just finished talking to a group of my colleagues about the potential of using wikis as a supplemental addtion to a training package.   I know that this isn’t a new idea, but I’m excited to see that other people within this environment are thinking about doing this as well.

Consider the training packages of the past:


Now consider what we could make possible with showing people how the embrace the concept of ‘democratizing’ and ‘taking ownership’ of content:


Of course, there will be a lot of questions and concerns about allowing free reign to folks and assuming that they can develop ‘good’ content without ‘proper’ supervision. But consider the power of allowing people to collaborate on content and maintain it themselves. It doesn’t have to be considered the ‘training word.’

But  at least it’s offering an interim solution between being able to develop ‘formal’ training content… in the world we work in today… elearning content becomes obsolete before it becomes end of lifed. Perhaps one way of determining which content should have a more permanent and formal form is to track which wiki content pages are being accessed often as opposed to changed and editing often.

I recently found some open source wiki software which I’d like to look into using to create sample wiki environments within our group.  I’d also like to be able to capture as many of the lessons learning and good practices applied by others to eventually develop a quick RLO (Reusable Learning Object) on good wiki usage.


Dokuwiki –



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