Proof that blogs, mavens and all that _ _ _ _* from the “Tipping Point” might be right


I bought a copy of Why Business People Speak Like Idiots  yesterday.  My purchase was motivated by my weariness of all the project managementese I was hearing in meeting after meeting.    It might not be the idea that I  bought it because the title actually made me chuckle or that the main premise of the book (the idea that speaking clearly and concisely without unnecessary jargon will help you get ahead in business not to mention effectively get your point across), but I learned about the book from the Presentation Zen blog, which I visit regularly. So me, willing to purchase a hardcover book (with a 20% discount) at “the mall” in a large chain bookstore, because I heard about it from someone’s blog is a marketing phenomenon in itself.

But here’s how sequence of events in this purchase actually worked out…

  1. Natalie is tired of sitting through countless bulleted presentations at work which do little to ignite her desire to engage in truly creative and productive work. More she’s tired of hearing the excuse and (using it too) that there is no time to spend on crafting visually effective presentations.
  2. Natalie links to Presentation Zen from a blog in her aggregator  called Creating Passionate Users.
  3. Natalie reads the Presentation Zen blog and notes the list of books that the blog author has posted as recommendations for improving the quality of presentations as well as producing effective ways of getting the message/content across to audiences.
  4. She personally relates to the title of the book Why Business People Speak Like Idiots.
  5. She clicks on the image link from the blog and reads through the book preview of the  first chapter provided by
  6. She sits through several meetings through the week where some of the concepts from the chapter presented in the Amazon book preview actually hit home.
  7. She suddenly makes a conscious decision to go and buy the book, more she decides that she needs the book as soon as possible.
  8. She goes the the nearest chain bookstore and asks the store clerk to look for the book titled Why Business People Speak Like Idiots.  The store clerk chuckles upon hearing the title of the book, but then directs her to the location of that branch’s only copy.
  9. Natalie purchases the book despite the hard copy price (because she has a 20% discount on all hardcovers from her $25 dollar yearly membership- realistically she will probably only save a total of $50 dollars on purchases from this store in the upcoming year)**

* Junk

**Marketing strategies around discounts are often an intellectual work of strategic art – at least to me, even when I realize that I’ve been had.


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