More on ADT – busting of fluster culture

I want to come back to this idea of ADT (Attention Deficit Trait) plaguing the corporate world, because I think subduing the effects of ADT and then preventing them, will provide the key to having a workforce that provides a competitive edge in the ‘new creative economy.’ 

Note, I will also add to my exploration here the subject of “the creative economy” and supporting concepts and definitions.  I’ve brought the idea of “creative economy” up a couple of times in conversations with others and I get the feeling that many people think (some in horror) that this means turning the business community and it’s practices into some sort of artistic colony where creativity reigns.   Of course, I’m speaking with slight hyperbole here.  But I feel very strongly, that in order to be successful in business you have to exercise a balanced partnership between ‘left’ and ‘right’ brained thinking.  I have some notes somewhere on “Creative Econ,” that i’ll have to dig up and post.

 Attention Deficit Trait

Definition  on LifeHacker:

Article – “Why you can’t pay attention anymore”

Attention Deficit Trait and Multitasking in the Modern Workplace:

Creative Economy

Article with a good definition of Creative Economy:

Good reference article. Understanding the Engine of Creativity in a Creative Economy: An Interview with John Howkins :

Presentation on Preparing for the Creative Economy 


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