Elements of knowledge management

A while back I translated an image from Marc Rosenberg’s book “Beyond e-Learning” for my group.   Our group embarked on an assignment to create a working knowledge Management system for our employees. 

Some of my lessons learned from this project:

  • Don’t focus on establishing a ‘formal’ system because the amorphous-ness of this concept is enough to freak out even the most open minded upper-manager
  • Set measurable and concrete goals for success
  • Determine and map out your group’s business process before you begin
  • Don’t just focus on documenting knowledge – focus also on connecting people within an organization as resources, experts and teachers

The illustration below lists the compenents of a system for “Learning Performance Architecture,” as identified by Rosenberg :

  • Classroom training
  • Online Training
  • Information Repositories
  • Performance Support
  • Communities and Networks
  • Experts and expertise
  • Mentoring and Coaching

I’ve kept this as a visual guide for what good healthy KM in an  should look like.   I also tried to pull examples from my world here at work of each of these elements. This model also illustrates how these elements classify as one of the following categories (Formal Training/Learning; Informal Training Learning; Workplace Learning)

If you look at the sum of the elements identified here,  it seems like a daunting task to accomplish all of this. Also, it seems like a hard sell to organizations who are both hierachical and traditional in nature, but that’s another can of worms that needs to be opened in a future post.


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