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Epiphany, but too late? Maybe.

Okay so I will confess, I had a job interview the other day and one of the tasks was to create a short training example centered around a learning objective. I actually really enjoy tasks like this so strangely enough the interview process was more fun than something to be feared.

I developed a storyboard for a fairly simple training presentation with an audio sample followed by a reflective activity using guided questions and a worksheet. I was working with the material already presented to me, so having such a short period of time, I decided to leverage what I had.

Now that I think of it, I could have presented the training in a number of different ways, including a Comic Strip or a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type interactive scenario.  The whole experience reminded me that I am reflective. I can come to a situation with a number of ideas and even make a decision on one, but then I will ruminate later on how to do it differently or better. I guess I need to build this reflective time into my project time lines, and actually I think I do this automatically by inserting a ‘draft period’ into everything I do.


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